Phuket Diving Trips – How it Works

Phuket Diving Trips – How it Works

How Your Typical Phuket Scuba Diving Day Trips Will Run

Phuket diving trips are a fantastic day out but may not be what you’re used to. We’ve dived in many places around the world and it’s fair to say that scuba diving in Phuket differs greatly from anywhere else I’ve experienced. Most of the best diving spots in the world are fairly remote with limited infrastructure. Phuket is very different negating the necessity of staying in a dive resort or very close to the boat departure point. As a result divers come from all over the island to join us. So if you’re wondering how it works read on…

Pick Up

The time varies depends on where you’re staying (see below) but will be between 06:30 – 08:00am from the reception area of your hotel. If our drivers can’t immediately see you they will ask the hotel staff to call your name. Please check your name is on the list or you could end up on an elephant trekking tour…

Pick Up Times
Mai Khao/Nai Yang 06:30am
Bang Tao/Laguna 06:45am
Kamala/Phuket Town 07:00am
Patong 07:15am
Karon 07:30am
Kata 07:40am
Rawai/Nai Harn/Chalong 07:50am

Each minibus have six to seven passengers so please be a little patient. We do sometimes experience delays but as a general rule of thumb if the driver is more than 10 minutes late then please give us a call on +66(0)76384285 or +66(0)818946353. You should hopefully arrive at the meeting point around 08:00am. Our tour leaders (Born, Pu or Phil) will check your name and introduce you to your guide/instructor. For those making their own way to the pier please have a look at the photo below of the meeting point.

New Covid Procedures

We’re all used to a few extra hoops to jump through at present. The Covid procedures at the pier run pretty smoothly now that it’s been up and running for a while. You’ll get a quick temperature check from our tour leader when you check your name. After that we’ll have to go through a screening area at the beginning of the pier. Another temperature check, hand washing and checking the Mor Chana app then you’re good to go.

the meeting point for phuket diving

the meeting point for phuket diving

The Pink Bus Adventure

Your guide for the day will then escort you to the pink pier buses. Not all nationalities respect the sanctity of the queuing system. So you’ll have to put your manners in your pocket and become a little primitive for 5 minutes and get your elbows at the ready to claim a coveted seat on the gaudy coloured chariots. If you have earplugs then this would be a good time to whip them out. The bus wranglers love their whistles and blast on them constantly to guide the drivers whom generally completely ignore them. Your guides who are not worthy of a seat will always ensure that they’re on the same bus and can usually be found hanging precariously off the back.

Phuket Divers Getting On The Pink Bus

Phuket Divers Getting On The Pink Bus

When you reach the other end look for your guide who will be waiting for you nearby to show you to the boat. Please don’t take it upon yourself to find the boat.

Boarding The Dive Boat

There’ll be many dive and snorkelling boats moored at the pier so your guide will direct you to the correct one. Before stepping on you’ll be asked remove your footwear and place them in a basket. It’s bad luck to wear shoes on the boat and all areas have protective matting so you really won’t need them. If you do place your shoes in the wrong basket it’s very difficult for us to track them down. They occasionally show up on local market stalls.. It would be prudent to bring your least expensive footwear just in case.

Once on-board you’ll be gently ushered upstairs to wait until all divers and equipment are present. You’ll be requested to wear a life jacket whilst we’re in the calm, shallow water of the bay which you’ll be able to take off when we reach the open sea and deeper water (don’t ask). Before departing the pier there will be a safety briefing and a roll call to ensure everyone who should be on-board is present. Those who shouldn’t will be chucked overboard.

Tour Leader Born Giving The Morning Safety Brief

Tour Leader Born Giving The Morning Safety Brief

The Journey To The Dive Site

After you’ve had some breakfast it’s time to relax. Our Phuket dive boat has plenty of space and you can wander around and choose a comfortable spot. If you’re participating in a course you’ll probably have to set your own equipment. If you’re already certified then this will be done for you.

Your guide/instructor will give you a full briefing on safety aspects and of course all the wonderful marine life we hope to find for you. 15 minutes before dive time a buzzer will sound which signals it’s time to get ready. We will split the dive groups into 2 drop times to make sure everybody has space on the dive deck. Your guide will let you know if you’re in the first or second group. Once you’re all kitted up and buddy checks are complete it’s time to get wet and enjoy the wonderful diving Phuket has to offer.

The Diving

Even though there can be up to 40 people including staff on Phuket diving trips we keep the dive groups to a maximum of four to every guide/instructor. Our staff are highly experienced and realise that it’s the marine life you’ve come to see and not other divers. So we all try to find our own little bit of the ocean although it can occasionally get a little congested around ‘special’ sightings.

We try to be conservative as practically possible so all of the dives will feature a safety stop. 3 minutes at 5 meters at the end before surfacing under your guides surface marker buoy. Some of our dives will bring you back to the boat and on others you can go with the current and our boat will pick you up from wherever you finish the dive. This is dependent on conditions and dive site.

Our boat crew will assist you with getting back on board after the dive. Please take off your fins, hand them to the boat crew and uses one of the two ladders to exit the water and back to your original space on the dive deck. There may be special instructions if the water is a little choppy so listen out for any additional instructions from your guide or the boat crew. It’s always a good idea to keep your mask on and regulator in until you’ve completely exited the water.

Our Friendly Crew Helping Divers get Back On Board

Our Friendly Crew Helping Divers get Back On Board

In Between Dives

You’ll have at least one hour from ending the dive until you submerge again. Take into consideration that you’ll be donning and doffing your kit, grabbing a bite to eat and getting a brief for the next dive, you won’t have a great deal of time. We do like to keep things relaxed on our Phuket diving trips so there’ll be nobody shouting at you to hurry up. We do however have a schedule to keep so your co-operation is very much appreciated.

The Journey Home

After you’ve finished your hopefully fantastic three dives it’s time to head back home. Take a shower to get rid of the salt water and then relax with a cold beer (THB 60) or a soft drink (THB 20). Fill out your diver logs and talk about the marine life you’ve seen. Our tour leader will give a final briefing when we’re about 20 minutes from the dock. One thing that they’ll definitely mention is to please stay off the dive deck until the staff have finished unloading the equipment bags. Now…for some reason divers seem to go a bit deaf when this request is announced and pile onto the dive deck as soon as we dock under a misguided conception that you’ll get home earlier – you won’t. Please be patient..

Once the bags are unloaded it’s back to the pink buses on the pier to your awaiting minibus and back to your hotel after what we hope was a fantastic day.

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By Justin Hartrey

I've been enjoying the incredible marine life in our oceans for over 25 years. 13 years ago I became a PADI professional, hoping to introduce as many people as possible to the incredible beauty of the seas.

Having been fortunate enough to dive all over south east and especially Thailand, I enjoy sharing my experience and passion on this blog.

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