The Phinisi Similan Islands Liveaboard

The Phinisi Similan Islands Liveaboard

4 Days/4 Nights From US$ 1,200

The Phinisi Is A Unique Luxury Similan Islands Liveaboard

Phinisi is a traditional Indonesian designed two masted sailing ship. This elegant boat is the only one we know of that sails in the Similan Islands. She also runs to Myanmar and the South Andaman covering the best diving that surrounds Phuket.

Operated by the same owners as The Junk the official name of the Phinisi Similan Islands liveaboard is ‘Cheng I Sao’. It’s the name of a pirate queen loosely portrayed in The Pirates Of The Caribbean. You certainly won’t get robbed or held captive on this excellent boat, just treated like royalty.

18 very lucky guests are comfortably accommodated in a range of cabins to suit different budgets. Two Quad cabins, two twin cabins and 3 cabins that can be used as either twin or double bed configuration. Every cabin has en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning, towels, storage space, overhead reading lights and a safe.

Plenty of space in the social areas; a large air conditioned saloon has a TV and a library of books, movies and games. The sundeck is spacious and the perfect place to watch the Similan Island sunsets from your cushioned sun lounger.

Built By Divers For Divers

The shaded diving deck has generous individual set up areas which include a personal storage area. Diving is done from a tender inline with the new Similan Island National Park rules. Rental equipment is high quality Aqualung, SMB are offered free of charge and nitrox is available to rent (recommended).

Excellent and plentiful food is served buffet style and eaten either in the shaded dining area or inside the comfortable saloon. You certainly won’t go hungry but neither will you lose any weight on the trip…

10 Night Best of Thailand

This season, the 10 night trips will encompass the very best of Thailand diving. From the isolated pinnacles of Hin Daeng and Hin Muang in the south all the way to the furthest north of Thailand’s dive sites – the world renowned Richelieu Rock.

In between you’ll visit the stunning Phi Phi islands and the King Cruiser Wreck. An incredibly biodiverse safari that can see your log book stuffed with rare and exciting experiences. A great chance to see a whale shark!

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Price Per Person 2022 – 2023

4 Days/4 Nights 6 Days/6 Nights 10 Night Special
Quad Cabin US$ 1,240
Twin Cabin US$ 1,660
Quad Cabin US$ 1,860
Twin Cabin US$ 2,490
Quad Cabin US$ 3,100
Twin Cabin US$ 4,150

*Not Including National Park Fees or equipment

Schedules 2022 – 2023

October 2022


Trip No. Depart Return Destination Dives
PH01 19th Oct 22 25th Oct 22 Similan – Surin Islands 18
PH02 26th Oct 22 01st Nov 22 Similan – Surin Islands 18

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November 2022


Trip No. Depart Return Destination Dives
PH03 10th Nov 22 16th Nov 22 Similan – Surin Islands 18
PH04 17th Nov 22 22nd Nov 22 Similan – Surin Islands 14
PH05 27th Nov 22 07th Dec 22 Best of Thailand 30

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December 2022


Trip No. Depart Return Destination Dives
PH06 07th Dec 22 11th Dec 22 Similan – Surin Islands 14
PH07 11th Dec 22 17th Dec 22 Similan – Surin Islands 14
PH08 18th Dec 22 22nd Dec 22 Similan – Surin Islands 14
PH09 22nd Dec 22 28th Dec 22 Similan – Surin Islands 18

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January 2023


Trip No. Depart Return Destination Dives
PH10 02nd Jan 23 08th Jan 23 Similan – Surin Islands 18
PH11 09th Jan 23 19th Jan 23 Best of Thailand 30
PH12 20th Jan 23 30th Jan 23 Best of Thailand 30
PH13 31st Jan 23 10th Feb 23 Best of Thailand 30

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February 23


Trip No. Depart Return Destination Dives
PH14 11th Feb 23 21st Feb 23 Best of Thailand 30
PH15 22nd Feb 23 04th Mar 23 Best of Thailand 30

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March 23


Trip No. Depart Return Destination Dives
PH16 05th Mar 23 15th Mar 23 Best of Thailand 30
PH17 16th Mar 23 26th Mar 23 Best of Thailand 30
PH18 27th Mar 23 03rd Apr 23 Best of Thailand 30

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April 23


Trip No. Depart Return Destination Dives
PH19 07th Apr 23 13th Apr 23 Similan – Surin Islands 18
PH20 13th Apr 23 17th Apr 23 Similan – Surin Islands 14
PH21 18th Apr 23 28th Apr 23 Best of Thailand 30
PH22 29th Apr 23 10th May 23 Best of Thailand 30

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May 23


Trip No. Depart Return Destination Dives
PH23 10th May 23 16th May 23 Similan – Surin Islands 18

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Don't trust your diving to amateurs or freshly minted dive guides, dive with local experienced experts from Local Dive Thailand. Our Scuba Diving Phuket Tours will take you to see the rarest of the rare critters, you will be amazed by the macro life our guides can find, in the secret places only they know. To put it in perspective, if you were going to climb Mount Everest you would certainly hire a local sherpa to lead the way & keep you safe. Diving is similar because there is absolutely no substitute for local experience & local knowledge, Local Dive Thailand's guides are Phuket's Sherpa's of the Andaman Sea!

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When talking about Scuba Diving in Phuket, you should believe the hype, many seasons we have had Whale Sharks grace us on our regular and easy to reach dive sites and on a good day you can add Sea Horses, Sea Moths, Snake Eels, Frog Fish & Octopus to what you can see on any given dive and so much more. If we are heading to Phi Phi Island for the day, you can possibly see Hawksbill Sea Turtles and Black Tip Reef Sharks, also don't forget the King Cruiser, 84 meters of beautiful wreck and the most amazing reef nursery for fish and nudibranch. Local Dive Thailand day trip tours to these locations are not to be missed when you are scuba diving Phuket, get in touch with us and book an 'awesome' day of diving.

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