MV Lapat

MV Lapat

2 days/1 night From THB 12,900

MV Lapat Offers Daily Departures To The Best Dive Sites In The Similan Islands National Park

MV Lapat offers a super flexible option for diving the stunning Similan and Surin island National Parks. Guests are transferred daily via a speedboat service from Thaplamu Pier in Khao Lak. You can stay as many nights as you like but if you have time and budget restraints then you can stay for just one night. There are other similar options but a great price and only 16 overnight guests make for a great choice.

It’s not a large boat but certainly big enough for its low capacity. The cabins although small look fresh and bright are more than adequate to get a good nights sleep. Six standard bunk cabins have air conditioning but no en-suite but there are four toilets/showers for guests to share. The larger double bed master cabin does have en-suite making it a great option for couples.

You’ll spend most of your time in the common areas of the boat. A comfortable air conditioned saloon and outside eating area are on the 2nd deck and a very large partially shaded sundeck is on the very top. The dive deck easily accommodates 16 guests, however it may feel a little cramped with a few extra day trippers.

All in all, MV Lapat represents great value for money and an easy to follow dive schedule for you to choose a trip tailored for your needs.


2 Day/ 1 Night, 6 dives From:
Twin Cabin THB 12,900
Master Cabin THB 13,900
3 Day/2 Night, 10 dives From:
Twin Cabin THB 17,900
Master Cabin THB 18,900
4 Day/3 Night, 14 dives From:
Twin Cabin THB 21,900
Master Cabin THB 22,900

If Richelieu Rock is scheduled in your trip dates, an additional THB 1,000 will be added to the trip price

Included in Price:

Dive guide, all meals, snacks, fruit, water, tea, coffee, tanks, weights, weight belts and transfers from Khao Lak hotels.

Not Included in Price:

Soft drinks, alcohol, equipment, national park fees (THB 500 entry + THB 200 per day), 15L tank (THB 300 per dive), nitrox, (THB 300 per dive).


Day Dive 1 (07:30) Dive 2 (10:30) Dive 3 (13:30) Dive 4 (17:00)
Monday Koh Bon Koh Bon Koh Bon Koh Bon
Tuesday Turtle Rock West of Eden Elephant Head Rock Island 5/6
Wednesday North Point Eagle Rock Three Trees Island
Thursday Koh Bon Koh Bon Koh Bon Koh Bon
Friday Koh Tachai Koh Tachai Koh Tachai Koh Tachai
Saturday Surin Islands Surin Islands Surin Islands Surin Islands
Sunday Richelieu Rock Richelieu Rock Richelieu Rock Richelieu Rock

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