Andaman Tritan

Andaman Tritan

4 Days/4 Nights From THB 26,000

A Superb Value For Money Thailand Liveaboard

MV Andaman Tritan was totally refurbished just a few years back making and an already safe and comfortable vessel even more diver friendly. She may not be the largest liveaboard in Thailand but with only 16 divers onboard you never feel like you’re in a crowd.

There’s plenty of space in the outside dining area and the comfortable air-conditioned saloon has plenty of media devices and a library to keep you entertained. On the very top of the boat there is a large sundeck to work on your tan between dives and take in the view of the surrounding Similan and Surin national Parks.

There are five en-suite cabins and four with shared bathroom facilities. All are air-conditioned and comfortable.

She has quite a large crew considering the amount of divers onboard so getting help is never a problem. All in all, a very well-priced boat for the level of comfort and service provided.

ItinerariesSafety & LayoutIncludes & Excludes

Price Per Person

4 Days/4 Nights 5 Days/5 Nights
Master Cabin THB 33,000
Deluxe Cabin THB 30,000
Upper Standard THB 27,000
Lower Standard THB 26,000
Master Cabin THB 38,000
Deluxe Cabin THB 35,000
Upper Standard THB 32,000
Lower Standard THB 30,000

*Not Including National Park Fees or Equipment

Schedules 2022 – 2023

December 2022


Trip No. Depart Return Destination Dives
TH2201 02nd Dec 22 06th Dec 22 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 14
TH2202 07th Dec 22 11th Dec 22 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 14
TH2203 12th Dec 22 16th Dec 22 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 14
TH2204 21st Dec 22 26th Dec 22 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 18
TH2205 28th Dec 22 02nd Jan 23 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 18

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January 2023


Trip No. Depart Return Destination Dives
TH2206 07th Jan 23 11th Jan 23 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 14
TH2207 12th Jan 23 16th Jan 23 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 14
TH2208 19th Jan 23 24th Jan 23 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 18
TH2209 27th Jan 23 31st Jan 23 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 14

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February 2023


Trip No. Depart Return Destination Dives
TH2210 02nd Feb 23 06th Feb 23 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 14
TH2211 07th Feb 23 11th Feb 23 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 14
TH2212 12th Feb 23 16th Feb 23 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 14
TH2213 17th Feb 23 21st Feb 23 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 14
TH2214 22nd Feb 23 26th Feb 23 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 14

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March 2023


Trip No. Depart Return Destination Dives
TH2215 02nd Mar 23 06th Mar 23 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 14
TH2216 07th Mar 23 11th Mar 23 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 14
TH2217 12th Mar 23 16th Mar 23 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 14
TH2218 17th Mar 23 21st Mar 23 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 14

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