MV Sawasdee Fasai Similan Island Liveaboard

MV Sawasdee Fasai Similan Island Liveaboard

4 Nights/4 Days From THB 28,700 Including Nitrox

MV Sawasdee Fasai Is Definitely A Boat To Consider for Your Similan Island Liveaboard Safari

The MV Sawasdee Fasai Similan Island liveaboard was fully refitted for the 2016/17 Similan Island liveaboard and didn’t disappoint on her debut year. The well thought out new designs worked very well and any potential issues have been ironed out for the upcoming season. Free nitrox and a large dive deck make MV Sawasdee Fasai a great choice for your Similan Island liveaboard adventure.

At 37m long and nearly 8m wide this large steel hulled vessel comfortably takes 26 divers in 13 cabins. All cabins are air-conditioned and all except the budget cabins have en-suite bathrooms, even they have two bathrooms to share between the 3 cabins. The two master and four deluxe cabins are on the main deck and the four standard and three budget cabins on the lower deck.

The dive deck, sun deck and shaded eating area have all recieved positive feedback after the first year of operation and finding a spot to relax will not be an issue for divers. All in all a great boat that is very well priced for it’s very good standards.

ItinerariesSafety & LayoutIncludes/ExcludesSpecial Offers

Price Per Person

4 day/4 Night Diver Non Diver
Master THB 42,700
Deluxe THB 37,700
Standard THB 34,700
Budget THB 28,700
Master THB 39,700
Deluxe THB 34,700
Standard THB 31,700
Budget THB 25,700

*Not Including National Park Fees or equipment

Schedules are up to date as of 10/03/21. However some trips may not run due to lack of demand

MV Sawasdee Fasai Schedule 2020-2021

March 2021


Trip No. Depart Return Destination Dives
SD29 03rd Mar 21 07th Mar 21 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 14
SD30 07th Mar 21 11th Mar 21 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 14
SD31 11th Mar 21 15th Mar 21 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 14
SD32 17th Mar 21 21st Mar 21 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 14
SD33 21st Mar 21 25th Mar 21 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 14
SD34 26th Mar 21 30th Mar 21 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 14

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April 2021


Trip No. Depart Return Destination Dives
SD35 01st Apr 21 05th Apr 21 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 14
SD36 05th Apr 21 09th Apr 21 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 14
SD41 29th Apr 21 03rd May 21 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 14

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May 2021


Trip No. Depart Return Destination Dives
SD42 04th May 21 08th May 21 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 14
SD43 09th May 21 13th May 21 Thailand – Similan – Richelieu 14

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