MV Smiling Seahorse Photographers First Choice

MV Smiling Seahorse Photographers First Choice

MV Smiling Seahorse Is the Photographers Choice For The Similan Islands

The MV Smiling Seahorse caters exceptionally well for photographers. The owners are professional underwater photographers so they know exactly what’s required. Very few if any Similan Island liveaboards have a dedicated camera room. No need to leave your expensive equipment in a camera bucket, just rinse and use the convenient shelves to do what all photographers love to do – fiddle with their gear. Plenty of power points make charging batteries super easy.

The Cabins

Mv Smiling Seahorse has eight cabins – two standard, four deluxe and two master. Another great feature is the bed configuration, both standard and deluxe can be converted from twin to double bed. En-suite bathrooms in master and deluxe cabins but the standard share two communal rest rooms. All the cabins are air-conditioned for a peaceful nights sleep.

The Boat

With 4 decks for only 16 guests, you can guarantee space. The communal areas are very well thought out, the upper deck is where you’ll eat your delicious meals and simply relax between dives. The sundeck is a great place to be, partially shaded if you want to avoid the sun and just hang in a hammock and enjoy the cool breeze.

Special Trips

The Smiling Seahorse offers special trips throughout the season, all are great opportunities for photographers. As far as we know, they’re the only boat to offer blackwater diving trips. A unique chance to try this fascinating style of diving that truly produces the weird and wonderful.

There’s a workshop with award winning photographer Alex Tyrrel and a manta expedition with the Thailand Manta Project. Both will be fascinating trips with lots to be learned and fantastic diving.

ItinerariesSafety & LayoutIncludes/Excludes

Price Per Person

4 Day/3 Night 5 Day/4 Night 6 Day/5 Night 7 Day/6 Night 8 Day/7 Night 9 Day/8 Night
Master THB 31,500
Deluxe THB 27,000
Standard THB 22,500
Master THB 33,750
Deluxe THB 30,250
Standard THB 25,500
Master THB 38,500
Deluxe THB 36,000
Standard THB 31,000
Master THB 50,000
Deluxe THB 47,000
Standard THB 42,000
Master THB 58,000
Deluxe THB 54,000
Standard THB 49,000
Master THB 68,000
Deluxe THB 65,000
Standard THB 60,000

*Not Including National Park Fees or equipment

MV Smiling Seahorse Schedule 2022-2023

October 2022


Trip No. Depart Return Destination Dives
SM01 14th Oct 22 18th Oct 22 North Andaman 12
SM02 23rd Oct 22 29th Oct 22 North Andaman 19

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November 2022


Trip No. Depart Return Destination Dives
SM03 04th Nov 22 11th Nov 22 North & South Andaman 23
SM04 14th Nov 22 21st Nov 22 North & South Andaman 23
SM05 23rd Nov 22 29th Nov 22 North Andaman 19
SM06 21st Nov 21 25th Nov 21 North Andaman 12

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December 2022


Trip No. Depart Return Destination Dives
SM07 01st Dec 22 08th Dec 22 North & South Andaman 23
SM08 10th Dec 22 17th Dec 22 South Andaman 23
SM09 19th Dec 22 25th Dec 22 North Andaman 19

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January 2023


Trip No. Depart Return Destination Dives
SM10 05th Jan 23 11th Jan 23 North Andaman 19
SM11 13th Jan 23 18th Jan 23 North Andaman 18
SM12 20th Jan 23 27th Jan 23 North & South Andaman 23

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February 2023


Trip No. Depart Return Destination Dives
SM13 04th Feb 23 12th Feb 23 North & South Andaman 29
SM14 14th Feb 23 18th Feb 23 North Andaman 15
SM15 20th Feb 23 25th Feb 23 North Andaman 18
SM16 27th Feb 23 02nd Mar 23 North Andaman 10

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March 2023


Trip No. Depart Return Destination Dives
SM17 12th Mar 23 17th Mar 23 North Andaman 18
SM18 19th Mar 23 27th Mar 23 North & South Andaman 29

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April 2023


Trip No. Depart Return Destination Dives
SM19 10th Apr 23 17th Apr 23 North & South Andaman 23
SM20 19th Apr 23 23rd Apr 23 North Andaman 15
SM21 25th Apr 23 02nd May 23 North & South Andaman 23

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