Discount On Junk and Phinisi Trips 2024

Discount On Junk and Phinisi Trips 2024

20% Discount on Remaining Junk and Phinisi Spaces For 2024

There’s a great 20% discount offer for all remaining spaces on The Junk and Phinisi departures to the Similan Islands and the Southern Andaman in 2024. From now until the 09th May all trips on these fantastic boats are offering deals for all cabin types. A rare opportunity to dive the fantastic Similan and Surin Islands in style at a great price

The Junk

Similan and Surin Islands
4 nights 14 dives
08th – 12th April, 7 spaces in triple and quad cabins
12th – 16th April, 17 spaces in all cabin types
30th April – 04th May, 7 spaces in triple and quad cabins
04th – 08th May, 17 spaces in all cabin types

Quad Cabin US$ 1,000 Now US$ 800
Triple Cabin US$ 1,240 Now US$ 992
Double/Twin Cabin US$ 1,520 Now US$ 1,216

6 Nights 18 dives

26th March – 01st April, 1 space in double/twin cabin
01st – 07th April, 6 spaces in quad cabin
23rd – 29th April, 15 spaces in all cabin types

Quad Cabin US$ 1,500 Now US$ 1,200
Triple Cabin US$ 1,860 Now US$ 1,488
Double/Twin Cabin US$ 2,280 Now US$ 1,824

The Phinisi

Similan Islands
4 Nights 14 dives
04th – 08th May, 15 spaces in all cabin types

Quad Cabin US$ 1,300 Now US$ 1,040
Double/Twin Cabin US$ 1,740 Now US$ 1,392

6 Nights 18 dives
30th March – 05th April, 1 space in quad cabin
06th – 12th April, 7 spaces in quad cabin
09th – 15th May, 10 spaces in all cabin types

Quad Cabin US$ 1,950 Now US$ 1,560
Double/Twin Cabin US$ 2,610 Now US$ 2,088

Southern Andaman
4 nights 14 dives
26th – 30th March, 2 spaces in double/twin cabin
12th – 16th April, 10 spaces in twin and quad cabins

Quad Cabin US$ 1,300 Now US$ 1,040
Double/Twin Cabin US$ 1,740 Now US$ 1,392

To get all the details including itineraries, what is/isn’t included, departure points and more visit our dedicated pages below:

The Phinisi Similan Islands

The Junk

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By Justin Hartrey

I've been enjoying the incredible marine life in our oceans for over 25 years. 13 years ago I became a PADI professional in Phuket, hoping to introduce as many people as possible to the incredible beauty of the seas.

Having been fortunate enough to dive all over south east and especially Thailand, I enjoy sharing my diving experiences and passion on this blog.

Originally from Bristol in the UK, I swapped the frigid waters of the North Atlantic for the warm tropical seas around Thailand and can confidently say that I wouldn't go back

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